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Beautiful exterior of newly built luxury home. Yard with green grass and walkway lead to o


In House Realty

Defined by service and expertise, we do more than build homes. Our team of experienced real estate professionals will assist with the sale of your current home while fulfilling the purchase of your dream home.


It's all about automation with our smart homes! You're able to lock your front door, control your lighting, adjust your thermostat,  and monitor the security of your home, all from your smart phone, tablet or PC. Whether you're sitting on the couch in the living room or 500 miles away, you're always connected!

1-2-10 Transferable Warranty

Longevity is no accident! For 1-year after the completion of your build we will warrant the quality of materials and workmanship of the original construction. For 2-years we warrant the workability of your mechanical systems, which include plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning. For a period of 10-years, we warrant the structural integrity of your home. Transferable means this warranty is part of your home, even if you decide to sell.

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